torsdag den 16. januar 2014

Lake Titicaca or Titiqaqa

Puno bus station five o'clock in the morning

Puno harbour 

the highest navigable lake in the world

3810 meter above sea level 

8640 squarekilometers 
borders to Peru and Bolivia

a reed island 
about five families live on this artificial island 

on each island is a handful of solar collectors
to produce electricity for TV, radio, light 

the inhabitants on the small islands live from tourism 

take us on a trip in a reed boat 

it takes a lot of strength for the reed boatman  

45 kilometers from Puno the island Taquile is located
around 2500 people live there

since 1937 and until 20 years ago 
the island was independent 

money wasn't used in this period
the inhabitants traded with one another for what they needed  
when men greeted each other it was through trade of cocaleaves
the leaves were only used for prevention and cure of diseases

 we got muña to inhale to relieve the walk 
the steep way to the top 
also used for tee and spice
medical, against indigestion   

the town hall on the very top of Taquile

and the town hall square

the Taquileños grow the potatoes Lisa, Chuno and Moraya
on the terraces

three of 300 sorts there are grown in the area 
around Titiqaqa

Taquile harbour

copyright on all pictures
Michael Habel 

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